Featured Members

Alexandre Coutu, CTTIC Past President, ATIM

Catharine Lailson, CTTIC Secretary and ATINS Vice-President, ATINS

Claudine Belhomme, CTTIC President, ATINS

Jeff Staflund, ATIM Treasurer, ATIM

Laura Bonney, CTINB Past President, CTINB

Monica Cliveti, CTTIC Treasurer, ATIS President, ATIS

Pency Tsai, CTTIC Board Member-at-Large, ATIO President, ATIO

Roula Salam, ATIA President, ATIA

Sergey Petrov, CTINB President, CTINB

Silvia Xalabardé, STIBC President and CTTIC Board of Examiners Co-Chair, STIBC

Trang Angie Nguyen, CTTIC Board Member-at-Large, STIBC Vice-President, STIBC